Virtual Reality Filmmaking Toolkit – Raindance

How about we go on an adventure together? How about we go and see the great wall of China? Or how about we learn what we have to do when the building is on fire? Do you want to take a class on Ancient Rome and actually get to see it without leaving the comfort of our home? This is what virtual reality is all about. Are you a fan of 3D and Imax, but you found yourself distracted by your fellow audience members munching on their pop corn? Let nothing spoil your experience. Virtual reality is here, and it’s full of possibilities for all of us, businessmen/women, doctors, teachers and, of course, you, indie filmmakers!

Over 20 years ago, legendary critic Roger Ebert mused about virtual reality, wondering what it would be like to start a movie with Julia Roberts smiling at us and inviting us into the story, or to be inside “The Third Man”. Now, this could be possible. We haven’t lived up to the expectations set by science fiction, all of “Back to the Future” has now happened in the past, and we’ve sort of been lied to about hoverboards, so there’s really nothing holding us back anymore.

Raindance is as dedicated to discovering new voices and new stories as it is to finding new ways to tell these stories. That’s why we created WebFest, and that’s why we’ve built this virtual reality filmmaking toolkit.

You can read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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