Why We Don’t Need More “Strong Female Characters” – Raindance

There’s never been a better time to be part a minority in the film industry. Or so reports say. And in a sense it’s true, as the conversation about #OscarsSoWhite or about #womeninfilm has really been present on social media and has impacted “the real world”: J.J. Abrams took measures to have more diverse employees and storylines at his production company, and films like “The Hunger Games” have decidedly shown that women can/should lead their own films. (And it’s still strange to keep talking about women as a minority but that’s another topic altogether.)

That series of films was also often mentioned in the conversation about “strong female characters”, which is now the go-to catchphrase that’s used whenever people talk about including more women in films or TV or, in a broader, more contemporary term: in the “content”. I don’t know about you, but “strong female character” doesn’t sound like much more than a catchphrase to me. People usually mean well, (hopefully) when they use it. But it does irk me. There are a few reasons why.

Read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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