7 Things To Love About Xavier Dolan – Raindance

Every year, when my birthday comes, I keep thinking “By 25, Orson Welles had done the War of the Worlds broadcast and scared his country, directed Citizen Kane, the most influential film in history, and won an Oscar for it. What about me? ” Granted, that’s high standards, but we all know our brain is not always our best friend.

It could be argued that a contemporary filmmaker fits in that category of “filmmaking prodigy”. At age 27, Xavier Dolan has done more (quality and quantity wise) than most. He doesn’t like being reminded of his age, and it’s definitely not a criterion to assess drive (he’s got plenty), ambition (he’s got plenty) or maturity (look at his work).

He already has five films under his belt, all of which have screened at the major festivals in the world (four out of five in Cannes, one in Venice). Looking back -already- here are 7 things to love about him.

Read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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