Why “Grammar-Nazis” Make The Best Filmmakers – Raindance

Filmmaking is a language. It has its own specific rules, its own rhythms and its own idiosyncrasies. And just like in any language, it comes with a number of “grammar-nazis”. In English, they’re these people who haunt Twitter and disqualify any comment that was made if it’s not grammatically correct. They’re everywhere and will not let anything fly by.

When it comes to filmmaking, that kind of people match a certain number of skills that are required from a director: relentlessness, clarity in vision and stopping at nothing to reach perfection.

Writers who revel in the written word also often have a playfulness that pushes them to experiment. Their of the craft and the language which also enables them to be playful with the language. They’ll know how to tell the story. And the same goes for filmmakers: the ones that know the ins and outs of cinema and what makes a film take another dimension will know how to make decisions that seem counterintuitive and then use these for the purpose of the story.

Read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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