7 Feminist Films to Keep the Women’s March Going – Raindance

People voted, then people rallied, and people voted, and people expressed their anger and their wish to live dignified lives, no matter what those in power are expressing and enforcing.

While there is a great and necessary history of protests to maintain in the troubled and troubling times that we are going through, this momentum needs to be maintained. As artists, filmmakers have a privileged position to make those voices heard through their stories. As creators of the medium that is one of the most easily consumed cultural goods in the world; filmmakers have an urgent burden to make bring those stories into the world.

There is also a great history of films that push the boundaries of what can be done in film and what can be shown. Make new films. In the meantime: here are a few films from the past to give you inspiration and keep the flame strong.

Read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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