Why You Should Care About Independent Film Festivals – Raindance

Did you know that Cannes is actually a fairly boring city? All eyes are on it during those ten days in May, after all that’s exciting, isn’t it?

Ken Loach flies in to collect a prize for a surprise-late-career angry social drama. Woody Allen just stands there, still jet-lagged from the flight, looking bored at his own premiere with an ingénue on his arm. Jane Fonda appears on the red carpet to remind you that you can still look fabulous when you’re pushing eighty and sponsored by L’Oréal.

Some of those thousands of pictures that were taken during those ten days will be dug up later by journalists profiling this up-and-coming filmmaker who actually was in competition once and only a few people noticed. You can see the jitters in their eyes.

That’s only ten days of the year though. Otherwise, it’s a resort town on the Cote d’Azur, akin to so many others you cross when driving along the coast -albeit perhaps richer and more boring. You feel like you’re in a movie yourself. Isn’t it wonderful that something as quaint as a film festival could bring the attention of the world to this smallish town? As the song goes, “there’s something happening here/ and what it is ain’t exactly clear.

Read the rest on the Raindance blog.


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